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  • Alan Francis All-On Horseshoes
    $80.00 Choose Options Alan Francis All-On Horseshoes
    A diamond plate style recessed texture that claims it blows away the E-Z Grip's gripping surface. Surface of the shoe form a diamond patterm that enhances the grip druing the swing, but edges of the center nodules are all...

  • Alan Francis Bullseye Horseshoes
    $80.00 Choose Options Alan Francis Bullseye Horseshoes
    This shoe competes with Deadeye Clydesdale, It has a thin, wide-blade feel of the Clydesdale, has rounded edges and has the famous Six Shooter ringer break, hooks and tips. A very agressive shoe, that's why it's called the...

  • Alan Francis Signature Horseshoe
    $80.00 Choose Options Alan Francis Signature Horseshoe
    This is a new shoe designed and pitched by the current and now ten time men's world champion, Alan Francis. One Year Warranty. Dead Soft Rating. Unique iron alloy..resists burring. Hardened tips.Be sure to fill out Product...

  • American Horseshoe
    $60.00 Choose Options American Horseshoe
    American Horseshoes (set of 4 shoes) 2 pair come to a box and box cannot be broken. These are mostly a beginners shoe for picnics or backyard play, although many professional players use them also...

  • Bandit Horseshoe
    $47.00 Choose Options Bandit Horseshoe
    The bandit is a entry level tournament quality horseshoe and like every other Thoroughbred shoe, it is jam packed with unique features. It is modeled after one of the most famous forged shoes of all time, the old Ohio "O"...

  • Bronco Pro Flip Horseshoe
    $66.00 Choose Options Bronco Pro Flip Horseshoe
    A popular flip style horseshoe. It is perfectly balanced for the flip turn and has the grabbing cleats reversed from the thumb cleat to allow the hooks and front cleats to grab the ground and stay on the stake. Dead Soft...

  • Can-Am Horseshoe
    $88.00 Choose Options Can-Am Horseshoe
    Cast Shoe. Canadian made shoes. A super shoe for the 3/4 ,1 1/4 and 1 3/4 turn.

  • Canuck Horseshoe
    $88.00 Choose Options Canuck Horseshoe
    Designed for those who throw the 3/4, 1 1/4 & 1 3/4 turn and the flip.  Medium weight shoe by Gallina.

  • Challenger Horseshoe
    $58.00 Choose Options Challenger Horseshoe
    This shoe features a square shape instead of a curve, allowing for a wider gripping area for flip pitchers than a traditionally shaped shoe. With a generic U-shaped shoe, the turn pitcher has an advantage over a flip pitcher...

  • Cobra Horseshoe
    $50.00 Choose Options Cobra Horseshoe
    It's shape is very similar to the DTS and it's price is even better. But with With the Cobra, you get much more than what Diamond gave you in a pair of horseshoes. The Cobra is offered in two colors, versus just one for the...

  • Condor Horseshoe
    $88.00 Choose Options Condor Horseshoe
    Cast Shoe. Perfectly balanced flip. Can be thrown with lugs up or down.A shoe designed with the flip shoe pitcher in mind. Caulks on the toe and heel are on opposite sides and there is a thumb groove in the caulk on the toe...

  • Deadeye Clydesdale DF Horseshoe
    $74.00 Choose Options Deadeye Clydesdale DF Horseshoe
    This shoe is patterned after the original Clydesdale Cast shoe. It is made from drop-forged steel and it is the same demension as the cast except that it is thinner. This is the shoe that is pitched by "Deadeye" Walter Ray...

  • Deadeye EZ Grip Horseshoe
    $74.00 Choose Options Deadeye EZ Grip Horseshoe
    Drop-forged steel - The EZ Grip is designed for better handling with the knurled finish. Two year warranty.

  • Deadeye NT Horseshoe
    $70.00 Choose Options Deadeye NT Horseshoe
    Cast shoe. Deadeye NT shoes don't have a ringer breaker (NT as in no tip or breaker). Comes with  small caulk. It has narrow blades and heavy tips. Two year warranty...

  • Designed for those who throw the flip, 3/4, 1 1/4, 1 3/4 turn.  Well established shoe.  Desinged by the great Dean McLaughlin, 13 time Canadian Champion.  Medium weight shoe.
    $88.00 Choose Options Dean Horseshoe
    Deisigned for those who throw the flip, 3/4, 1 1/4, 1 3/4 turn.  Well established shoe.  Designed by the great Dean Mclaughlin, 13 time Canadian Champion.  Medium weight shoe.

  • Dean Slim
    $88.00 Choose Options Dean Slim
    Canadian Horseshoe.  This shoe is redesigned for the flipper and 3/4 turn pitcher.  Good high back and heavy lugs.  Super flip shoe.  Weight 2.75 - 2.95.

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